Monday, February 7, 2011

No time no

Hello! Wow. It has been way to long since I have posted. I have been keeping busy with out of town guests, school, counseling, church, piano, family, rooting for the Packers (woohoo!), and eating new foods!

As far as recovery is going well. Almost too well for my taste. I have gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks. SCARY AS HECK! I have re-introduced full fat yogurt, full fat cheese, and butter into my diet. And kind of packs on the a good way. I am really proud of myself for gaining steadily.

The scariest thing right now is the way I look. In two weeks I feel like I am huge. I know it is unrealistic because 3 pounds is not a HUGE amount of weight. But others and myself have been noticing. My sister and mom have been really encouraging to me by saying that my butt is getting bigger and that I have bigger arms......but I can't see the positive. I was honestly hoping that even if I gained weight....I wouldn't change sizes/shape if I kept on working out and stuff. Irrational I know, but I almost believed that it would be true. Well its not. And I guess this is my next step in recovery. I have to learn to accept my body.

Right now I am eating a delicious salad consisting of arugala (LOVE), nappa cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, vidalia onions, cilantro, almonds, feta, ranch, and yellow mustard. Before that I had a bowl of stew and half a slice of bread. Oh yeah....I have started eating bread again...with butter on it! Hardest thing. But I am doing it.

Last Friday I ate at an Ethiopian restaurant. Ummm. Let me say that it was very ..... different. Not a huge fan. Here is a picture of the restaurant :

The food was about the strangest ever: doro wott
Everyone in your group basically just tears off pieces of the bread stuff called injera (NASTY!) and scoop up the meat and veggies with it.

The meal was redeemed by going to get fro-yo!!!!!!! YUM! We got Pinkberry Fro-Yo! I got chocolate fro-yo with hazelnut butter (DIVINE), pumpkin granola, and half of a wafer cookie on the top. (gotta bring those calories up!

DEBBIE DOWNER: Ugh....I am now eating an orange that is far from disappointing seeing as how the oranges lately have been INCREDIBLE! Seriously...go buy oranges right now!

Do you put yellow mustard on your salads? DO IT! Learned it from this lovely
Is it hard to hear other people say that you have gained weight (as a compliment)?
Have you ever eaten Ethiopian food?


Sia Jane said...

Your body clearly wants to and needs to, gain weight.
Tackling the exercise is also part of recovery.
I enjoy being active but for a long time had to curb any activity (I actually don't exercise at present for no particular reason :P) and it is all part of the acceptance, as you say.
True recovery is about allowing your body to be where it wants to be, not where you want it to be.

Yes, initially, the comments on weight gain.change or even compliments on how I looked (un weight related directly but were due to weight gain because I looked healthier/better) were really hard.
I was scared.
But that is all normal and is all part of this process.

BUT, it gets easier.
It really does.

And I would love to try Ethiopian food :)

princesslila said...

Glad to hear your doing well. Accepting your body is one of the hardest things to do and compliments are such tricky things. I had a hard time with compliments, too, but it gets easier. :)
I've never tried Ethiopian food, but it sounds interesting. Fro-yo, though, is delicious!