Monday, January 10, 2011

Looks aren't everything, PEOPLE!

Yesterday I was eating lunch with a few people from church. (it was potluck only the food from people you know really well day) :P A girl who is in her early twenties, another who is 17, 2 boys in their mid-teens, and two 12 years olds were all a part of the conversation. Well.....let's just say that the conversation kind of took a turn that made me observe some really sad things about this generation.

The 17 years old girl has a 15 year old cousin who attends school with herself and one of the boys who was part of the conversation. They both started talking about this 15 year old cousin and how he is considered the , "hottest guy in school". They went on and on about how "all the girls love him" and how it is so annoying to him when the not-so-attractive girls goggle over him. The 17 year old even made the comment that it was ridiculous that this one girl who is ugly told her that she didn't understand why he didn't like her but to the 17 year old it was obviously because she wasn't attractive. I didn't know what to say. I honestly just sat their and fumbled to say something that would turn the conversation or that would reinforce to those around me that looks are not everything. I was really disheartened after this conversation. I know I sound like a mom wearing a jumper and birkenstocks, but what have we come to? I wanted to shout out my frustration. I don't know why it bothered me so much. What should I have said

This is what I looked like. Haha! 

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Lily said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! <3

OOHHHH!! I would have been furious too.

Looks mean too much in our culture and NOT what really matters - character.

In the library one day a guy walked up and asked me for my number - I said no b/c I don't just give my number to whoever wants it. He said it was probably because he was black...Boy did he get and earful! I DON'T CARE what he looks like or his melamine count, what's his character like.

Done with my little rant. :)